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Juliette Culver
created an issue

From Yishay Mor for the OLDS MOOC.

Allow users to create a 'portfolio' of clouds as part of their profile.

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  1. Juliette Culver reporter

    Would suggesting users create a 'portfolio' cloudscape be sufficient here?

    It would be helpful to have more concrete examples of what a portfolio might look like. Would a user want more than one portfolio? (e.g. for different MOOCs) would they want to annotate the clouds?

  2. Juliette Culver reporter

    My other issue with this is how we make it sufficiently generic for other Cloudworks users - I'd like some non-MOOC use cases for how a portfolio might be used. Is 'portfolio' the right language to be using? I was wondering about 'showcase' instead?

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