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 We are currently in the process of moving information over to this wiki and also migrating issues from our internal issue tracker to the one here, so things might look even more work-in-progress here than normal!
 * Code license:  [[| GNU General Public License version 2 (**GPLv2**)]].
-* Featured download: [[../downloads#tag-downloads| **CloudEngine 1.0.0**]] ([[Releases#cloudengine-10| Notes]])*
-* Development download: [[../downloads#tag-downloads| CloudEngine 1.0-dev/ //tip//]] ([[Releases#cloudengine-101| Notes]]).
+* Current download: [[../downloads#tag-downloads| **CloudEngine 1.0.1**]] ([[Releases#stable| Notes]])*
+* Development download: [[../downloads#tag-downloads| CloudEngine 1.0.2-dev/ //tip//]] ([[Releases#development| Notes]]).
 * Getting started:  [[Install| Installation instructions]].
 * Recent activity:  [[../changesets| View //changesets//]].
 * Project blog:  [[|CloudEngine blog]].