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   <h2>3-4 terabytes of data on disk</h2>
   <h2>1 terabyte transferred per month</h2>
   <h2>1000 requests per second</h2>
+  <h2>4.5 million page views per month</h2>
   <h2>1 million visitors per month</h2>
   <a href="images/ga.png" target="_blank">
     <img src="images/ga.png">
 <div class="slide">
-  <ul><li>cron</li></ul>
+  <ul><li>Cron</li></ul>
 <div class="slide">
-  <h1>Monitoring - Example</h1>
-  <h2>FIXME - example of auto-monitored services with puppet</h2>
+  <h1>Configuration Management with Puppet</h1>
+  <pre>
+    FIXME
+  </pre>
 <div class="slide">
-  <h2>Django Debug Toolbar/h2>
+  <h2>Django Debug Toolbar</h2>
+  <h2>Django Compressor</h2>
+<div class="slide">
+  <h1>T-SHIRTS!!!</h1>
+  <h2>Grab one from me after the presentation</h2>
 <div class="slide">