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JSON-RPC implementation for Atlassian servers.

Supports JSON-RPC 2.0 <>, including:

 * Notifications
 * Batch requests
 * "Best attempt" to serve non-p2p json-rpc 1.0 requests (responses are all in 2.0 format)
 * If a "named parameters" request is received, it is converted into JAVA as a method call with a single object
   argument of a type that can be instantiated from those named parameters.

Also available: "Light Mode" for people who don't want to mess around with JSON-RPC envelopes:

 * Method is determined by the URL
 * Request body is a JSON array of arguments (named parameters are dealt with as above)
 * Response is the raw method result with no result envelope, or a full JSON-RPC error struct if an error occurs.

Needs improving:

* Unit/Functional tests for Confluence plugin
* Logging (currently none)
* Error reporting (should report method mismatches more informatively)

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