Espada Text Editor

Espada the fully hackable text editor.

Resources & Channels

For pre-0.5 release, please contact author directly via his email (cmpitgATgmaildotcom).

The easiest way to ask question and contact project author is to form the question form above.


Espada supports all platforms that Ruby and QtRuby support. This means any GNU/Linux distro (Debian, Slackware, Fedora, Gentoo, ...) or *nix derivative (*BSD, MacOS X, ...) should be sufficient enough to run Espada. Otherwise, please file a bug report.

Please note that Microsoft Windows® is not supported (and probably never will). Feel free to fork and make changes if you'd like it to work with Windows.

Tested platforms:

  • Debian (all versions which supports Ruby 1.9)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Fedora 17 and 18


  • Ruby 1.9 (1.8 is no longer supported)
  • QtRuby or Ruby qtbindings
  • awesome_print
  • pseudo-terminal
  • ruby_parser


Make sure you have all the required dependencies. The best way to install dependencies is via your system's package management, which varies across systems. Otherwise, all dependencies may be installed with gem, so in short:

  • Install Ruby 1.9 and Gem.

  • Install dependencies:

  • It's best to install QtRuby (and other gems) from your package manager, besure to install for Ruby 1.9

  • Otherwise, the recommended way is to install locally via gem, make sure you have installed dependencies to compile qtbindings correctly, check its README for more details:

    sh gem install qtbindings awesome_print pseudo-terminal ruby_parser

  • Download/clone Espada via Git or Mercurial:

sh git clone git://


sh hg clone


sh wget -O && unzip

  • Run inside Espada directory.


All main documentations are available inside docs directory. Other materials will be published on the website or wiki or screencast channel and announced in the announcement mailing list (TODO).


Currently Espada is a one man's work. The author uses Mercurial as his version control system. The code is hosted at Bitbucket and Github (note that the 2 trees are exactly the same).


Copyright (C) 2013 by Nguyễn Hà Dương <cmpitgATgmaildotcom>

The Espada Text Editor is license under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. For further information, please read the license information in COPYING.

Special thanks to:

  • Nguyễn Năng Thắng (thangnnATiwayvietnamDOTcom)
  • Nguyễn Phan Hải (hainp2604ATgmailDOTcom)