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Updated skeleton code. Removed some unnecessary comments and fields.

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     public static final int maxSellerItems = 20; // The maximum number of items that a seller can submit at any given time.
     public static final int serverCapacity = 80; // The maximum number of active items at a given time.
-    private Timer timer = new Timer(); // The timer is used to schedule the closing of a bid, after the given amount of time.
     private Hashtable<String, Integer> sellerProducts = new Hashtable<String, Integer>(); // Stores the number of active bids for each seller.
     private int lastListingID = -1; // The last used listing ID assigned to an item. 
     // listingID, item
     private Hashtable<Integer, Item> items = new Hashtable<Integer, Item>(); // Stores a mapping between item IDs and items. (Includes expired items.)
-    // listingID, item
     private List<Item> openBids = new ArrayList<Item>();
     private Object instanceLock = new Object(); // Object used for instance synchronization. (As a good practice we don't use synchronized (this).)