c2.recipe.bitbucketbk / README.txt


This recipe supports Python 2.6+, because using 'json' module.


- Code repository: https://bitbucket.org/cmscom/c2.recipe.bitbucketbk
- Questions and comments to terada@cmscom.jp
- Report bugs at https://bitbucket.org/cmscom/c2.recipe.bitbucketbk/issues

Simple usage

Modify buildout.cfg ::

    parts = 

    recipe = c2.recipe.bitbucketbk
    username = xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    password = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    location = /backups
    ignore_project =
    isseu_backup_count = 3

Run the buildout ::

    bin/buildout -N

You can use backup scripts ::


You will see backups in  `/backups`.

Cron job integration

For example ::

	recipe = z3c.recipe.usercrontab
	times = 0 12 * * *
	command = ${buildout:directory}/bin/bitbucketbk


issues backup

- adding color on Excel data, (eg. new is RED)
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