cmsplugin-advancednews / README.txt


Name: cmsplugin-advancednews
Description: A advanced news plugin for django-cms based on cmsplugin-news

- django-cms-2.0.0 final
- django: 1.1.1
+ requirements for django-cms-2.0

- support categories for news. We can put to page all news or only from one category

- make sure requirements are installed and properly working
- add cmsplugin_advancednews to python path
- add 'cmsplugin_advancednews' to INSTALLED_APPS
- run 'python syncdb'
- Add the cmsplugin_advancednews.urls to the CMS_APPLICATIONS_URLS setting 
- Add the cmsplugin_advancednews.navigation.get_nodes to the CMS_NAVIGATION_EXTENDERS setting
- Create a page in cms and in the 'advanced settings' section of the admin for that page, for 'Navigation extenders' select 'news navigation' and for 'application' select 'news' (Restart of the server required due to caching!)
- Create the propper templates for your site, the ones included with the app are VERY basic


    ('cmsplugin_advancednews.urls', 'News'),
    ('cmsplugin_advancednews.navigation.get_nodes','News navigation'),

- support rss
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