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File tool_conf_obo.xml

     <tool file="data_source/epigraph_import.xml" />
     <tool file="data_source/epigraph_import_test.xml" />
     <tool file="data_source/hbvar.xml" /> 
+    <tool file="data_source/go_goose.xml" /> 
     <tool file="validation/fix_errors.xml" />
   <section name="Send Data" id="send">

File tools/data_source/go_goose.xml

+<?xml version="1.0"?>
+    If the value of 'URL_method' is 'get', the request will consist of the value of 'URL' coming back in
+    the initial response.  If value of 'URL_method' is 'post', any additional params coming back in the
+    initial response ( in addition to 'URL' ) will be encoded and appended to URL and a post will be performed.
+<tool name="GOOSE test" id="goose" tool_type="data_source">
+    <description>server</description>
+    <command interpreter="python"> $output $__app__.config.output_size_limit</command>
+    <inputs action="" check_values="false" method="get" target="_top"> 
+        <display>Go to the GOOSE test server at $GALAXY_URL</display>
+    </inputs>
+    <uihints minwidth="800"/>
+    <outputs>
+        <data name="output" format="txt" />
+    </outputs>
+    <options sanitize="False" refresh="True"/>