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<tool id="EMBOSS: wordmatch110" name="wordmatch" version="5.0.0">
  <description>Finds all exact matches of a given size between 2 sequences</description>
  <requirements><requirement type="package" version="5.0.0">emboss</requirement></requirements>
  <command>wordmatch -asequence '$input1' -bsequence '$input2' -outfile '$out_file1' -aoutfeat '$out_file2' -boutfeat '$out_file3' -wordsize '$wordsize' -aformat3 '$out_format1' -offormat4 '$out_format2'
  -offormat5 '$out_format3' -auto</command>
    <param format="fasta" name="input1" type="data">
      <label>Sequence 1</label>
    <param format="fasta" name="input2" type="data">
      <label>Sequence 2</label>
    <param name="wordsize" size="5" type="text" value="4">
      <label>Word size</label>
    <param name="out_format1" type="select">
      <label>Output Alignment File Format</label>
      <option value="match">Match (m)</option>
      <option value="simple">Simple (m)</option>
      <option value="fasta">FASTA (m)</option>
      <option value="msf">MSF (m)</option>
      <option value="srs">SRS (m)</option>
      <option value="pair">Pair (p)</option>
      <option value="markx0">Markx0 (p)</option>
      <option value="markx1">Markx1 (p)</option>
      <option value="markx2">Markx2 (p)</option>
      <option value="markx3">Markx3 (p)</option>
      <option value="markx10">Markx10 (p)</option>
      <option value="srspair">SRS pair (p)</option>
      <option value="score">Score (p)</option>
    <param name="out_format2" type="select">
      <label>Output Feature 1 File Format</label>
      <option value="gff">GFF</option>
      <option value="embl">EMBL</option>
      <option value="swiss">SwissProt</option>
    <param name="out_format3" type="select">
      <label>Output Feature 2 File Format</label>
      <option value="gff">GFF</option>
      <option value="embl">EMBL</option>
      <option value="swiss">SwissProt</option>
    <data format="match" name="out_file1" />
    <data format="gff" name="out_file2" />
    <data format="gff" name="out_file3" />
  <!--   <tests>
      <param name="input1" value="2.fasta"/>
      <param name="input2" value="1.fasta"/>
      <param name="wordsize" value="4"/>
      <param name="out_format1" value="fasta"/>
      <param name="out_format2" value="gff"/>
      <param name="out_format3" value="gff"/>
      <output name="ofile2" file="emboss_wordmatch_out.embl"/>
  </tests> test takes a long time to run-->
  <code file="" />

.. class:: warningmark 

The input datasets need to be sequences. 


    You can view the original documentation here_.
    .. _here:



For the underlying tool, please cite `Rice P, Longden I, Bleasby A. EMBOSS: the European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite. Trends Genet. 2000 Jun;16(6):276-7. &lt;;`_

If you use this tool in Galaxy, please cite `Blankenberg D, Taylor J, Schenck I, He J, Zhang Y, Ghent M, Veeraraghavan N, Albert I, Miller W, Makova KD, Hardison RC, Nekrutenko A. A framework for collaborative analysis of ENCODE data: making large-scale analyses biologist-friendly. Genome Res. 2007 Jun;17(6):960-4. &lt;;`_