brightway2-analyzer / bw2analyzer /

from brightway2 import Database
from bw2calc import LCA
from numpy import array, ones, absolute, dot, where

class ConvergenceError(StandardError):

class PageRank(object):
    def __init__(self, database):
        self.database = database
        self.process = Database(database).load().keys()[0]

    def calculate(self):
        self.lca = LCA({self.process: 1})
        self.rev_dict, dummy = self.lca.reverse_dict()
        self.matrix = = [(x[0], self.rev_dict[x[1]]) for x in self.page_rank(

    def page_rank(self, technosphere, alpha=0.85, max_iter=100, tol=1e-6):
Return the PageRank of the nodes in the graph.

Adapted from

PageRank computes a ranking of the nodes in the graph G based on
the structure of the incoming links. It was originally designed as
an algorithm to rank web pages.

The eigenvector calculation uses power iteration with a SciPy
sparse matrix representation.

    * *technosphere* (scipy sparse matrix): The technosphere matrix.
    * *alpha* (float, optional): Damping parameter for PageRank, default=0.85

    * Dictionary of nodes (activity codes) with value as PageRank


.. [1] A. Langville and C. Meyer,
   "A survey of eigenvector methods of web information retrieval."
.. [2] Page, Lawrence; Brin, Sergey; Motwani, Rajeev and Winograd, Terry,
   The PageRank citation ranking: Bringing order to the Web. 1999
        mat = technosphere.copy()
        (n, m) = mat.shape
        assert n == m  # should be square
        nodelist = range(n)

        # Drop diagonals, and only indicate adjacency[:] = 1
        for x in xrange(n):
            mat[x, x] = 0

        column_sum = array(mat.sum(axis=1)).flatten()
        index = where(column_sum != 0)[0]
        mat = mat.tolil()
        for i in index:
            # Workaround for lack of fancy indexing in CSR matrices
            mat[i, :] *= 1.0 / column_sum[i]

        mat = mat.tocsc()
        x = ones((n)) / n  # initial guess
        dangle = array(where(mat.sum(axis=1) == 0, 1.0 / n,
        i = 0

        while True:  # power iteration: make up to max_iter iterations
            xlast = x
            x = alpha * (x * mat + dot(dangle, xlast)) + (1 - alpha
                ) * xlast.sum() / n
            # check convergence, l1 norm
            err = absolute(x - xlast).sum()
            if err < n * tol:
            if i > max_iter:
                raise ConvergenceError("pagerank: power iteration "
                    "failed to converge in %d iterations." % (i + 1))
            i += 1

        return sorted(zip(x, nodelist), reverse=True)
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