Chris Mutel avatar Chris Mutel committed eccc1f0

0.8.2: Can manually specify number of CPUs in Monte Carlo

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 class ParallelMonteCarlo(object):
     """Split a Monte Carlo calculation into parallel jobs"""
-    def __init__(self, demand, method, iterations=1000, chunk_size=None):
+    def __init__(self, demand, method, iterations=1000, chunk_size=None, cpus=None):
         self.demand = demand
         self.method = method
         if chunk_size:
             if iterations % self.chunk_size:
                 self.num_jobs += 1
-            self.num_jobs = max(multiprocessing.cpu_count() - 1, 1)
+            self.num_jobs = cpus or multiprocessing.cpu_count()
             self.chunk_size = (iterations // self.num_jobs) + 1
     def calculate(self):
-  version="",
+  version="0.8.2",
   packages=["bw2calc", "bw2calc.tests"],
   author="Chris Mutel",
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