Package scikit-umfpack for Windows (Py3.5 only)

Issue #11 wontfix
Chris Mutel
repo owner created an issue

UMFPACK is significantly faster than the default solver, but is a huge pain to package on Windows.

Packaging for 2.7 requires an ancient Microsoft compiler, and is out of scope for this ticket.

Current progress: Using Suitesparse-METIS for Windows, I can compile SuiteSparse, but don't understand how to "install" it so that the paths are correct for scikit-umfpack/numpy to find.

Also still not sure if the eventual Windows will include the SuiteSparse DLLs...

Current failure on Appveyor.

Branch of scikit-umfpack on Github.

See also (in no particular order):

Could also think about building wheels for Linux and OS X automatically, but one thing at a time. See travis config, just need to build wheels.

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