`uncertainty_type` vs `uncertainty type` in `uncertainty dictionary` creating problems

Issue #16 resolved
Pascal Lesage
created an issue

As reported here, Brightway and stats_arrays uncertainty dictionaries are different: one uses the key uncertainty_type, and the other uncertainty type.

This sometimes causes confusion.

It also sometimes appear to cause errors when defining new distributions (code available upon request).

Harmonization would be great.

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  1. Chris Mutel repo owner

    This is an annoying inconsistency. There are clear rules that distinguish between the two, but they are not properly explained in the documentation or code.

    Brightway2-data uses the name uncertainty type when defining an uncertain value. When this input data to converted to a parameter array, which can be an input to the RNG in stats_arrays, this field is named uncertainty_type. uncertainty_type is used exclusively in stats_arrays.

    Both libraries are in widespread use now, and so introducing a breaking change would be difficult. Stats_arrays needs the underscore to allow attribute access, e.g. foo.uncertainty_type. Updating Brightway2-data would require that everyone rewrites all their databases, which is also suboptimal. It would also make all the Excel import data spreadsheets obsolete. I guess you could write a function that would slowly introduce one form or the other, while still tolerating the older version.

    Please post code that raises errors (rather than annoyances).

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