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0.14 (2014-XX-XX)

- BREAKING CHANGE: Use ``Database.filename`` for processed data. Requires update to bw2data version 0.16 or greater.

0.13 (2014-04-16)

- BREAKING CHANGE: LCA.fix_dictionaries now sets/uses ``_mapped_dict`` to determine if ``fix_dictionaries`` has been called.
- BUGFIX: LCA.build_demand_array doesn't break if ``fix_dictionaries`` has been called.

0.12 (2014-02-13)

- BREAKING CHANGE: Matrix builder will only include parameter array rows that are correctly mapped, instead of raising an error when unmapped rows occur. This behaviour can be turned off by passing ``drop_missing=False``.

0.11.1 (2014-01-29)

- BUGFIX: Change column names in method matrix building to be consistent with bw2data 0.11

0.11 (2014-01-26)

- BREAKING CHANGE: Graph traversal was reworked, and some functionality for interpreting the output was moved to ``bw2analyzer``.
- BREAKING CHANGE: Deleted ``SimpleRegionalizedLCA`` class. Regionalization will be provided in bw2regional.
- BREAKING CHANGE: Deleted initial sensitivity work, moved for now to branch, as it was not yet usable.
- FEATURE: Much better and more thorough documentation.
- FEATURE: Improved testing and test coverage