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File bw2data/io/

         * Uncertainty data is not imported.
         * Biosphere flows are not imported.
         * Not all SimaPro unit changes from ecoinvent are included (no comprehensive list seems to be available)
+        * SimaPro unit conversions will cause problems matching to background databases (e.g. if you specify an import in megajoules, and the ecoinvent process is defined in kWh, they won't match)
             if self.db_name in databases:
-                self.warning("Overwriting database %s" % self.db_name)
+                self.log.warning("Overwriting database %s" % self.db_name)
             database = Database(self.db_name)
         database.write(dict([(obj['code'], obj) for obj in data]))
-        return self.db_name, self.logile
+        return self.db_name, self.logfile
     def load_file(self):
         """Open the CSV file and load the data.