Ecospold1 import: can't make links to dependent databases when no categories are given

Issue #5 resolved
Chris Mutel
repo owner created an issue

Some databases (ESU, US LCI) don't list categories for technological inputs. We currently search the inventory datasets in the database being imported, but we also need to search the dependent databases in a relatively intelligent way (i.e. including whatever attributes are included, e.g. unit, location) to get trouble-free imports.

Here is an example exchange:

{'amount': 0.020673,
 'code': 2,
 'comment': '(2,2,1,1,1,3); Estimation 20l/m2 panel',
 'group': 5,
 'loc': -3.8789267779389562,
 'matching': {'categories': (),
              'location': 'CH',
              'name': 'tap water, at user',
              'unit': u'kilogram'},
 'negative': False,
 'scale': 0.043409845976280094,
 'uncertainty type': 2}

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