brightway2-data / bw2data / tests /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from . import BW2DataTest
from .. import Database, Method, methods
from fixtures import biosphere
from ..utils import natural_sort, random_string, combine_methods

class UtilsTest(BW2DataTest):
    def test_natural_sort(self):
        data = ["s100", "s2", "s1"]
        self.assertEqual(["s1", "s2", "s100"], natural_sort(data))

    def test_random_string(self):
        s = random_string(10)
        self.assertEqual(len(s), 10)
        self.assertTrue(isinstance(s, str))

    def test_combine_methods(self):
        d = Database("biosphere")
        m1 = Method(("test method 1",))
        m1.register(unit="p", num_cfs=2)
            (("biosphere", 1), 1, "GLO"),
            (("biosphere", 2), 2, "GLO")
        m2 = Method(("test method 2",))
        m2.register(unit="p", num_cfs=1)
            (("biosphere", 2), 10, "GLO")
        combine_methods(("test method 3",), ("test method 1",),
            ("test method 2",))
        cm = Method(("test method 3",))
        self.assertEqual(sorted(cm.load()), [
            (("biosphere", 1), 1, "GLO"),
            (("biosphere", 2), 12, "GLO")
        self.assertEqual(methods[["test method 3"]]["unit"], "p")
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