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Shubhankar Upasani created an issue

I have imported US LCI database downloaded from NREL into bw2 by following instructions mentioned here.

I have several unlinked exchanges. What should be the next step?

If I go ahead with the unlinked exchanges, how do I access the database object?

bw.databases only returns biosphere3 and does not return the US LCI database that I defined earlier.

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  1. Shubhankar Upasani reporter

    I have the excel file that lists all the unlinked exchanges using


    Can I perform a migration by reading from this excel file? Any suggestions how to?

  2. Chris Mutel repo owner

    I assume you were linking to the US LCI notebook. As you read at the end: "For every unmatched exchange, there is a reason the computer couldn't match it exactly. The next step is to figure out the problem for each exchange, and then write a migration to fix the input data to match what is expected."

    A migration is a set of structured data that changes attributes based on filters. For example, "carbon dioxide" could be changed into "carbon dioxide, fossil" if the associated activity was a combustion activity. You can see examples of migrations here and here.

    To link the US LCI completely, you will need to write migrations to change the provided values into ones that can be matched exactly by other biosphere flows or activity names/units/whatever. In other words, you will have to find the existing values, find the "correct values", and write a migration from one to the other. The excel file can help, but you will also have to search for the "correct" values. The other importing notebooks have specific examples of how to build and use migrations.

    Importing with missing biosphere flows just means you will miss out on some (potentially important) biosphere flows; importing with missing links in activities isn't possible unless you delete activities willy-nilly, which is almost certainly not what you want.

  3. Shubhankar Upasani reporter

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for replying. Finding the "correct values" seems too tedious. For each exchange, I need to find an associated process in ecoinvent?

    Can I change my default biosphere3 (or biosphere4) to contain US LCI biosphere flows? Would that be possible and make things easier?

  4. Chris Mutel repo owner

    It is tedious, that's why it hasn't been added to the default library so far. For each value which doesn't fit (could be activity name, but also unit, location, reference product), one needs to find the "correct" value.

    You could use the biosphere flows from the US LCI, but then you wouldn't have any LCIA methods, and also would have the reverse problem linking e.g. ecoinvent activities to the US LCI biosphere flows.

    So, there is no easy answer. This is the unfortunate state of LCA data exchange, and one of the reasons behind efforts like BONSAI.

  5. Shubhankar Upasani reporter

    Can you elaborate on how to apply


    after writing a migration? My question stands particularly for linking US LCI. I haven't imported ecoinvent 2.2 so I guess my code should be like

    import functools
    c = functools.partial(link_iterable_by_fields(unlinked = biosphere_flow_migration ,



    comes from the following migration definition

    biosphere_flow_migration = Migration("US-LCI-biosphere").write(
        description="unlinked biosphere exchanges in US LCI "

    The error looks like this

    TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
    <ipython-input-93-e8a1bd027374> in <module>()
          1 import functools
          2 c = functools.partial(link_iterable_by_fields(unlinked = biosphere_flow_migration ,
    ----> 3     other=Database(config.biosphere)),
          4     kind='biosphere'
          5 )
    ~\AppData\Local\conda\conda\envs\tes\lib\site-packages\bw2io\strategies\ in link_iterable_by_fields(unlinked, other, fields, kind, internal, relink)
         61                             "``database`` or ``code`` attributes")
    ---> 63     for container in unlinked:
         64         for obj in filter(filter_func, container.get('exchanges', [])):
         65             key = activity_hash(obj, fields)
    TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable

    Any changes or suggestions? I don't think


    should work here.

  6. Chris Mutel repo owner

    You should basically never be running link_iterable_by_fields yourself - it is normally wrapped by another call. In this case, you can call importer_object.migrate('name of migration'). See example, example.

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