Missing biosphere flows for consequential 3.2 and 3.3

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Issue #48 new
Adrian Haas created an issue

It is currently not possible to import consequential 3.2 and 3.3, due to missing biosphere flows:

Writing activities to SQLite3 database:
0%                          100%

InvalidExchange                           Traceback (most recent call last)

The missing flows are:

  • residual wood, dry
  • residual hardwood, wet (3.2 only)
  • residual softwood, wet (3.2 only)
  • venting of argon, crude, liquid
  • venting of nitrogen, liquid

As far as I can tell, these flows are still present in the current biosphere, but with an altered ecoinvent uuid. I suppose adding these flows with the old code to brightway2-io / bw2io / data / lci / previous elementary flows.json could solve the problem. Please let me know if I should make a PR.

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  1. Chris Mutel repo owner

    Sorry, I wrote a response to this a while ago, but apparently only in my mind.

    As far as I can tell, someone done goofed, and the UUIDs for these flows changed in 3.4.

    I am really uncomfortable adding multiple flows with exactly the same attributes; I would much prefer to have a migration for these flows. It should be relatively easy, just filter by UUID and flow type. Here is an example; the PR should also add this migration into the default list of strategies for ecospold2.

  2. Romain Sacchi

    A similar error is thrown when trying to import 3.5 (consequential) for "residual wood, dry" and "venting of nitrogen, liquid".

  3. Adrian Haas reporter

    If your bw2io is up to date, consequential 3.5 should work in an fresh brightway projcet.

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