Issue importing any version of ecoinvent 3 on my machine

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With windows 10 and Anaconda, I have the newsest version of BW2 installed in its own environment.

Using SingleOutputEcospold2Importer never works.

File "<ipython-input-7-98c5e3306867>", line 5, in <module> ei.write_database()

WrongDatabase: Activity database must be ecoinvent 3.2 cutoff, but set() was also found

files in the folder are:

ecoinvent 3.2_cutoff_ecoSpold02 ecoinvent 3.2_cutoff_lcia_ecoSpold02 ecoinvent 3.2_cutoff_lcia-cumulated-matrices_xls ecoinvent 3.2_cutoff_lci-cumulated-matrices_xls ecoinvent 3.2_cutoff_lci_ecoSpold02

Please help.

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