No "RoW" geocollection created when calling bw2regionalsetup()

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Estelle Louineau created an issue

I need to generate geocollections covering countries, ecoinvent areas, provinces, territories and RoWs.

I did:
"import bw2regional as bwR ;
it answered:
"Downloading and creating world geocollections
Adding world topology
Adding ecoinvent-specific topology"

Then I checked what geocollections had been created by:
and I got:
"Geocollections dictionary with 2 object(s):

Trying to understand why the RoW geocollection hadn't been generated, I came to the following question:

It starts at:

If I un-comment it, will it work "correctly"?

Also, I have another question about the geocollections generated by bw2regionalsetup():
Why aren't the provinces and states (of Canada for example, but none is) present in "world" geocollection or "ecoinvent" geocollection?

I opened the geocollections in QGIS and then exported the attributes table to Excel to visualize what was included and in "world" there are only countries, and in "ecoinvent" only the specific regions such as "Canada without Quebec".

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  1. Chris Mutel repo owner

    General answer

    You are totally right - the current code has some problems. I have this on my todo list, as I need to fix everything up so that I can submit some notebooks as supporting information.

    RoW geocollection

    There are multiple problems here. First, the list of topo faces needs to be updated to include the new locations defined in ecoinvent 3.4 (and maybe even 3.3). Second, the work I have started on creating a standard list of RoW definitions for ecoinvent needs to be completed, and brought up to a higher level. I was unsure how to do this before, as the topo face ids would change every time they were regenerated, but I think this is solvable by specifying RoWs not with face ids but with the names/codes of places to be excluded.

    Regionalized LCIA methods

    I started implementing the LC-IMPACT method in a separate repo, but now I think it would be smarter to support the proposed new regionalized LCIA data format. I know that CIRAIG will be also implementing Impact World+ in this format in the summer as well. So this also needs to be done to use bw2regional.


    You seem to know what you are doing - there is still some substantial work to do, would you be willing to help?

  2. Estelle Louineau reporter

    Hi Chris,

    General answer

    Thanks a lot for that fast answer.
    Having notebooks would be great, I started writing one. For the moment, I can generate L & R from the data I have, but I need to complete regionalized calculations in the next weeks.

    RoW geocollection

    If you could explain me how the update those faces, and how to specify them correctly, I would do it.

    Regionalized LCIA methods

    I actually work at CIRAIG, I'm the one that has been asked to implement Impact Word+ in Brightway. I'm working for Pascal :)


    I'll talk to Pascal to see how I can organize my schedule, but yes I would be happy to help. Maybe we could plan a Skype call with Pascal to discuss all that?

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