With the DELETEs, i would return a 204 - no content.

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Aurelian Jaggi created an issue

POST should always create a new resource (the id is not given in this case) and PUT should always write to specific resource with an ID (either overwrite or create a new resource at this url). How can the

POST on /api/v1/activity/<database name>/<activity key>/

create a 409 - conflict? This is the Idempotent convention in designing safe REST APIs with CRUD, see Wikipedia or something else)

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  1. Chris Mutel repo owner

    I changed the DELETE return code to 204.

    Please open the discussion of the semantics of PUT and POST as a separate issue, with exactly how you think they should work. Different APIs that call themselves REST do different things, and in the real world no one follow Fielding exactly anyway. I personally don't really care, and am happy to do whatever.

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