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{% extends "base.html" %}

{% block body %}
<h1>Brightway2 settings</h1>
<form action="/settings" method="POST">
  <div class="span-12">
    <legend>Basic configuration</legend>
    <p>Use temporary directories (default: <b>No</b>): <input type="checkbox" name="use-temp-dir" {% if config.p.use_temp_dir %}checked{% endif %}></p>
    <p>Use process cache (default: <b>Yes</b>): <input type="checkbox" name="use-cache" {% if config.p.use_cache %}checked{% endif %}></p>
    <legend>Monte Carlo</legend>
    <p>Number of CPU cores to use (maximum <b>{{ cpu_count }}</b>): <br><input type="number" name="cpu-cores" min="1" max="{{ cpu_count }}" step="1" value="{% if config.p.cpu_cores %}{{ config.p.cpu_cores }}{% else %}{{ cpu_count }}{% endif %}"></p>
    <p>Number of Monte Carlo iterations in a calculation (default <b>10000</b>, minimum: <b>100</b>): <br> <button id="speedtest">Set this value based on my computer</button> <input name="iterations" type="number" value="{% if config.p.iterations %}{{ config.p.iterations }}{% else %}10000{% endif %}" min="100"> </p>
  <div class="span-12 last">
    <legend>Report uploading</legend>
    <p>Upload report data to external server (experimental; default: <b>No</b>): <input type="checkbox" name="upload-reports" {% if config.p.upload_reports %}checked{% endif %}></p>
    <p>External report server (experimental; default <i></i>): <br> <button id="reset-server">Reset to default</button> <input size="60" name="report-server" type="url" value="{% if config.p.report_server %}{{ config.p.report_server }}{% else %}{% endif %}"> </p>
    <button type="submit">Save preferences</button>

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready( function() {
  $('#speedtest').click( function (e) {
      type: "GET",
      url: "/speedtest",
      success: function (a) {
        $('form input[name=iterations]').attr("value", a);
        $("#speedtest").html("Test again");

  $('#reset-server').click( function (e) {
    $("form input[name=report-server]").attr("value", "");
{% endblock %}