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     * `IPython Notebook: What is the default encoding? <>`_
     * `Absolute minimum everyone should know about Unicode <>`_
-The global warming potential values are different in SimaPro
+I get errors about the progressbar / The progressbar doesn't work in iPython notebook!
+Brightway2-data specifies that a fork of the standard progressbar package should be installed, but `some people don't like this ideas <!topic/pypa-dev/tJ6HHPQpyJ4>`_, so it doesn't always work. Try this from the command shell/terminal:
+    pip install
+Or, from inside ipython (you will have to restart ipython for the new library to take effect):
+    !pip install
+The global warming potential values are different in SimaPro!
 The default LCIA characterization factors in Brightway2 come from version 2 of the ecoinvent database. For most LCIA methods, these are identical to those found in SimaPro. However, there are important differences for global warming potential: