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 Data formats
-Why are activity dataset keys so confusing? `('ecoinvent 2.2', '5bbf2e66f2d75d60726974ac44ab4225')` seems insane!
+Why are activity dataset keys so confusing? `('ecoinvent 2.2', '5bbf...')` seems insane!
 It is insane, in the sense that it doesn't make any sense at all to people. Rather, `5bbf2e66f2d75d60726974ac44ab4225` is a computer-generated unique ID. The basic problem is that we need one unique ID for an activity dataset, but there is no ID provided in the ecospold 1 data format. Instead, an activity is uniquely identified by its name, location, category, subcategory, unit, and whether or not it is an infrastructure process! `5bbf2e66f2d75d60726974ac44ab4225` is just an easy way of representing all this information in one string. It is a pain, but there is no good way around it.
-See also:
+For understanding the difference between bytestrings and unicode:
     * `PrintFails <>`_
     * `Why does Python print unicode characters when the default encoding is ASCII? <>`_
     * `IPython Notebook: What is the default encoding? <>`_
     * `Absolute minimum everyone should know about Unicode <>`_
+For help in fixing strings:
+    * `Fixing Unicode mistakes and more: the ftfy package <>`_
+    * `Is there a way to determine the encoding of text file? <>`_
+    * `Chardet: The Universal Character Encoding Detector <>`_
 When upgrading on Windows, I get errors about something called ``vcvarsall.bat``