Installation as a requirement via pip fails - incompatible version of bw2io

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Issue #16 resolved
James Joyce created an issue

The version of bw2io on PyPi (0.5.12) is different from the version on anaconda cloud (0.6.RC5).

v0.5.12 tries to import database_parameters from bw2data, which it can't do, so loading brightway2 installed via pip throws an import error.

I know the recommended installation is via conda, but I'm writing an extension for lcopt (for parsing hand drawn flow diagrams into lcopt/brightway models) called lcopt-cv and one of the computer vision dependencies is only avaliable on PyPi (as a wheel so it can't be conda skeletoned). I was trying to include brightway in the install_requires list so it could have a one-step install when I noticed the problem.

Low priority - it's an edge case, and installing most things via conda and then installing something extra via pip isn't a big deal - but figured you might want to know.

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