What's PyDEX?

PyDEX is a opensource desktop application, which works with all romanian dictionaries offered by

The applications can also update the dictionaries directly from the dexonline website, to be always up-to-date with the words definitions.

For this moment, the UI is only in romanian. It might be translated in the next versions.


PyDEX is a python application, so it can be run under multiple operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS):

python >= 2.7 (with sqlite3 included support; sqlite3 >= 3.7.4)
wxPython >= 2.8
python-lxml module

How to get it?

Use git's feature to generate an archive:

Git Master Zip

or go to the official website and download the latest stable version:

Pydex Website

Note that the full database is available only from the pydex website.

How to install it

Pretty straightforward:

  • Download/unpack pydex archive using one of the methods above
  • Download/unpack database (7z) in the share/data/ folder (optional)
  • PyDEX is run by bin/pydex

If you don't unpack the provided database, then you will need to do a full update in the first place.