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Welcome to your the MontyLingua3 project wiki! MontyLingua3 is a fork of the MontyLingua project. This fork is now released under GNU GPL.

Why fork?

The original MontyLingua project was used by many for their NLP research. But the licensing terms of this project was a bit confusing.

If it is your intent to use this software for non-commercial,
non-prioprietary purposes, such as for academic research purposes,
this software is free and is covered under the GNU GPL License,
given here: <> and in the 
APPENDIX of this document.

If you are interested in this software for commercial purposes,
commercial licensing information is available.  Please email
( for more information.

The author didn't respond to email enquiring about the commercial license and after the discussions at reddit, it was noted that one can get a copy of MontyLingua under GPL for non-commercial use and then re-release it under again under GPL for all kind of usage.

I have been using MontyLingua for a few months and have made some changes and bug fixes to the project. So I thought it would be best to contribute back to the community by re-releasing it fully under GPL as a new fork.

How to Contribute

The source is now in a mercurial repository and anyone can clone the project, make bug fixes and send in the patches or do a pull request. To get the source code, just

$ hg clone

Related Projects

Originally a separate project, ConceptNet v.2.1 is included in MontyLingua. However, ConceptNet is under ongoing development as ConceptNet3:

ConceptNet3 is available for redistribution under a GPL license, compatible with MontyLingua3.

Data used in ConceptNet is derived from the OpenMind project, also Open Source:

OpenMind uses a reasoning engine, Divisi, also written in Python, using the NumPy module, with extensions in C. Divisi is likewise available for redistribution under GPL: