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About Lupyne

  • high-level Pythonic search engine interface to PyLucene
  • RESTful JSON CherryPy server
  • simple Python client for interacting with the server


Standard installation from local download or directly from pypi.

python install
pip install lupyne


Lupyne should run anywhere PyLucene does, though its primary testing is on the popular unix variants.

  • Python 2.6.6+, 2.7
  • PyLucene 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7
  • CherryPy 3.2 (only required for server)


See examples and documentation. Sphinx required to build docs.



Run full coverage tests.

python -m test
python2.6 -m test.__main__

Recent activity


coady pushed 2 commits to coady/lupyne

0c8dbb0 - Additional query constructors: MatchAllDocsQuery, RegexpQuery, ConstantScoreQuery.
28896e2 - Replication uses cache validation.

coady pushed 2 commits to coady/lupyne

9961112 - PyLucene 4.6 documentation and copyright.
ec4f84c - Fuzzy terms replaced minimum similarity with maximum edit distance.
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