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QMPM - Quality Metrics for Process Models


QMPM is an effort to develop a framework for evaluating different types of process models according to a common set of quality metrics.

The project is still in the preliminary stages of development.

So far, the following types of process models can be evaluated:

  • DCR Graphs
  • Declare Maps
  • Petri Nets

According to the following metrics as defined in [1]:

  • Precision
  • Generalization (event-based)
  • Generalization (state-based)

Also provided are a number of estimators of the entropy of an event log, intended as a measure of the degree of structure in an event log.

More to come!

[1] Wil van der Aalst, Arya Adriansyah, and Boudewijn F. van Dongen. Replaying history on process models for conformance checking and performance analysis. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery,2(2):182-192,2012.