jacknagel  committed 947a1f0

sdl: HEAD fixups

Fixes #16734.

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File Library/Formula/sdl.rb

     # we have to do this because most build scripts assume that all sdl modules
     # are installed to the same prefix. Consequently SDL stuff cannot be
     # keg-only but I doubt that will be needed.
-    inreplace %w[], '@prefix@', HOMEBREW_PREFIX
+    if build.stable?
+      inreplace %w[], '@prefix@', HOMEBREW_PREFIX
+    else
+      inreplace %w[], '@prefix@', HOMEBREW_PREFIX
+    end
     ENV.universal_binary if build.universal?
     system "make install"
     # Copy source files needed for Ojective-C support.
-    libexec.install Dir["src/main/macosx/*"]
+    libexec.install Dir["src/main/macosx/*"] unless build.head?
   def test