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Welcome to Jython 2.7b1

This is the first beta release of the 2.7 version of Jython. Thanks to
Adconion Media Group ( for sponsoring this release.
Thanks to all who contribute to Jython.

Jython 2.7b1 brings us up to language level compatibility with the 2.7 version
of CPython. We have focused largely on CPython compatibility, and so this
release of Jython can run more pure Python apps then any previous release.
Please see the NEWS file for detailed release notes. Some notable new features
in this release are: a bytearray implementation, a buffer api, memoryview, a
bz2 module.

As the first beta release, this marks a change in the focus of development
from adding features to bug fixing and on getting more of the test suite
running properly.

Please see the NEWS file for detailed release notes.

The release was compiled on Ubuntu with JDK 7 and requires JDK 6 to run.

Please try this out and report any bugs at

Recent activity

tomo cocoa

tomo cocoa pushed 5 commits to cocoatomo/jython

301a537 - Merge
05192fa - [Trivial] Remove skip from passing test_builtin..test_input_and_raw_input.
3bfef9e - Fixes hex formatting issues #2013 (slow) and #2075 (incorrect padding)
dc9b1aa - Fix #2083, to prevent os.unlink() deleting directory.
0b2e1c8 - Support 't' (text) in open mode - this was a recent regression
tomo cocoa

tomo cocoa pushed 13 commits to cocoatomo/jython

b31e716 - Fixes #1964 time.strptime() now supports %f in format.
0ea46e9 - Update test_datetime from lib-python and add FIXME-skips.
8b200f9 - Fixes #2071 support for %f.
5f7a81d - Fixes #2033 failing test for 1 Mar after 29 Feb.
1a8d17f - Sub-classes of file are made able to override close() method.
tomo cocoa

tomo cocoa pushed 36 commits to cocoatomo/jython

07ca512 - Merge further work on str and unicode types to accept buffer arguments
4af2f42 - buffer() support in str.replace, unicode.replace and str.translate.
3d730e5 - buffer() support in (str|unicode).startswith, .endswith
5fbd70f - Fix test_jython_initializer failure on Windows.
b955aea - test_java_integration: os.path instead of '/'
tomo cocoa

tomo cocoa pushed 212 commits to cocoatomo/jython

28a66ba - Fixes bug 1878 by resolving complex diamond inheritance of java.lang.Iterable, java.util.Map.
aa079dc - Merge
1ac6acf - A Java test program that demonstrates Issue #1972 readline() hangs in a subprocess.
96e2e62 - Fix regression in PyBufferTest due to tightening bytearray.extend API.
11776cd - Merge forward.
Jeff Allen

Commits by Jeff Allen were pushed to cocoatomo/jython

2ccd73a - Fix return value of io.FileIO.readinto() so EOF=0 as contract. test_io scores now fail/error/skip = 17/18/99
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