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Merge 2.5.

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     public static PyObject classobj___new__(PyObject name, PyObject bases, PyObject dict) {
-        if (!name.getType().isSubType(PyBaseString.TYPE)) {
+        if (!name.getType().isSubType(PyString.TYPE)) {
             throw Py.TypeError("PyClass_New: name must be a string");
         if (!(dict instanceof PyStringMap || dict instanceof PyDictionary)) {
     public void setName(PyObject value) {
-        if (value == null || !Py.isInstance(value, PyBaseString.TYPE)) {
+        if (value == null || !Py.isInstance(value, PyString.TYPE)) {
             throw Py.TypeError("__name__ must be a string object");
         String name = value.toString();


             throw Py.TypeError("function() argument 1 must be code, not " +
-        if (name != Py.None && !Py.isInstance(name, PyBaseString.TYPE)) {
+        if (name != Py.None && !Py.isInstance(name, PyString.TYPE)) {
             throw Py.TypeError("arg 3 (name) must be None or string");
         if (defaults != Py.None && !(defaults instanceof PyTuple)) {
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