Armin Rigo avatar Armin Rigo committed 90600b6

Merge from branch/ctypes-fix:

Fix _ensure_objects() on class _SimpleCData. Always returns
self._objects, but asserts that it is None for all _SimpleCDatas except
z, Z and P.

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             self.value = value
     def _ensure_objects(self):
-        if self._type_ in 'zZ':
-            return self._objects
-        return None
+        if self._type_ not in 'zZP':
+            assert self._objects is None
+        return self._objects
     def _getvalue(self):
         return self._buffer[0]


     def test_cast_functype(self):
         # make sure we can cast function type
         my_sqrt = lib.my_sqrt
+        saved_objects = my_sqrt._objects.copy()
         sqrt = cast(cast(my_sqrt, c_void_p), CFUNCTYPE(c_double, c_double))
         assert sqrt(4.0) == 2.0
         assert not cast(0, CFUNCTYPE(c_int))
+        #
+        assert sqrt._objects is my_sqrt._objects   # on CPython too
+        my_sqrt._objects.clear()
+        my_sqrt._objects.update(saved_objects)
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