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File pypy/module/micronumpy/REVIEW

+* this file should go away before asking for a review :)
 * I think we should wait for indexing-by-arrays-2, since this would clean up
   the iterator interface
   duplication, since the indexing is getting slowly fairly complex.
 * iterating over a transposed array still fails.
+* next_skip_x is implemented badly. It still iterates over items (calls
+  next_skip n times) and is jit.unroll_safe. This means that the JIT will assume
+  skip is a constant and compile a linear trace unrolling all iterations. This
+  is *BAD*. Instead it would be something like:
+  for arrays:
+  res.offset = self.offset + skip
+  for views something slightly more complex that does appropriate modulo.
+  Note that next() has unroll_safe, because the loop only dependas on the
+  length of shape which is a constant for assembler.