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commit now possible from project root

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         # this item is selected - do whatever is needed with it
         my $itemObj = $self->{file_listbox}->GetItem($item);
-        $file_list .= '"'.$itemObj->GetText().'" ';
+        $file_list .= ' "'.$itemObj->GetText().'" ';


                        $self, $push,
                        sub {  $HG->push_project($selected_file, $project_name) }
-               );   
+               ); 
+              my $commit = $menu->Append(
+                        -1,
+                       Wx::gettext( 'Commit' ));
+                Wx::Event::EVT_MENU(
+                       $self, $commit,
+                       sub {  require Padre::Plugin::HG::ProjectCommit;
+                               Padre::Plugin::HG::ProjectCommit->showList($HG); }
+               );     
         elsif ($selected_type ne 'dir' and $selected_type ne 'root')
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