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 This is the Wiki for the Padre Mecurial Plugin.  
-Not yet available on CPAN as I am waiting for an account.  
-You can download via hg (see instructions above) if you want. 
+You can now get this module from CPAN 
-{{|Padre HG Plugin}}
+Although it works on Windows there are a couple of issues. 
+On windows you must start Padre like  perl c:\{somepath}\padre or else it fails to work. 
+the Icons in windows for the status tree are awful. 
+Hopefully fix those issues before long.  
+Here are some screenshots of the latest version in action
+Plugin Menu
+{{|Plugin Menu}}
+Status Tree
+{{|Status Tree}}
+Status Tree File Menu
+{{|Status Tree File Menu}}
+Status Tree Project Menu
+{{|Status Tree Project Menu}}
+Commit (and Add) Multiple files. 
+{{|Commit Multiple Files}}
+Diff To A Revision
+{{|Diff To Revision}}