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 Here are some screenshots of the latest version in action
-Plugin Menu
+**Plugin Menu**
 {{http://muellers.net.au/pics/padreRepository2.png|Plugin Menu}}
-Status Tree
+**Status Tree**
 {{http://muellers.net.au/pics/statusTree.png|Status Tree}}
-Status Tree File Menu
+**Status Tree File Menu**
 {{http://muellers.net.au/pics/statusTreeFileMenu.png|Status Tree File Menu}}
-Status Tree Project Menu
+**Status Tree Project Menu**
 {{http://muellers.net.au/pics/statusTreeProjectMenu.png|Status Tree Project Menu}}
-Commit (and Add) Multiple files. 
+**Commit (and Add) Multiple files.** 
 {{http://muellers.net.au/pics/commitMulti.png|Commit Multiple Files}}
+**Diff **
-Diff To A Revision
+**Diff To A Revision**
 {{http://muellers.net.au/pics/DiffToRevision.png|Diff To Revision}}