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Code_Aster source files are stored into several repositories:

  • src: source files (C, fortran, python), most of the verification testcases and build scripts (~350MB)
  • validation: a few testcase files with non-public data (~1GB)
  • data: data about materials that can not be freely distributed
  • perf: this one containing some testcase files used for performance benchmarking.

Other independent repositories exist:

  • devtools: contains helper scripts for the developers

Branches and tags

The branches are:

  • default: currently version 13, the development branch where the current work goes
  • v12: version 12, the maintenance branch for the stable version 12
  • v11: version 10, the branch for the old stable version 11

Each published version is tagged with its number. Examples: 12.3.8, 13.0.9.

Two tags are used aliases and moved when new versions are published:

  • stable: the latest frozen state of the stable version in the maintenance branch (ex. 12.4.0).
  • testing: the latest frozen state of the development version in the development branch (ex. 13.1.0).

Two names are often used in discussions to identify the code during its enhancements:

  • unstable: the head of the development branch
  • stable-updates: the head of the maintenance branch


Look at the doc/ directory in the source tree and the Wiki pages.