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Table of contents:

Using astk/asrun from codeaster-frontend repository

Initial installation

After a standard installation from the aster-full package of code_aster, the files are installed in ${PREFIX}/bin, ${PREFIX}/etc, ${PREFIX}/lib and ${PREFIX}/share.

In the real life, the values can be PREFIX=/opt/aster and DEV=${HOME}/dev/aster-prerequisites.

The scripts in ${PREFIX}/bin and the configuration files in ${PREFIX}/etc are used from the standard installation without changes.

Clone the codeaster-frontend repository

The repository will be cloned into ${DEV}/codeaster-frontend.

Simply use:

cd ${DEV}
hg clone

Use the last development version

You should backup your installation before starting!

Link for astk:

cd ${PREFIX}/lib
rm -rf astk
ln -s ${DEV}/codeaster-frontend/ASTK_CLIENT/lib astk

Link for asrun library:

cd ${PREFIX}/lib/python2.7/site-packages
rm -rf asrun
ln -s ${DEV}/codeaster-frontend/ASTK_SERV/asrun .

Link for asrun data:

cd ${PREFIX}/share/codeaster/asrun
rm -rf data
ln -s ${DEV}/codeaster-frontend/ASTK_SERV/share/codeaster/asrun/data .

cd ${PREFIX}/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES
ln -s ${DEV}/codeaster-frontend/ASTK_SERV/i18n/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ .

Link for asrun plugins configuration (your plugins are supposed to be versioned in the repository):

cd ${PREFIX}/etc/codeaster
rm -rf plugins
ln -s ${DEV}/codeaster-frontend/ASTK_SERV/etc/plugins .