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Table of contents:

Prerequisites for the unstable version

The versions of the prerequisites do not change in the maintenance branch (currently v13) with the exception of hdf5 and med to ensure compatibility with SALOME.

Here are listed the changes required to build the latest unstable version in the default branch.

Changes since 14.3

Changes since 14.1

Changes since 14.0 (identical to 13.4)

  • Since 14.0.15+ (revision bda6d2672a7c):

    • petsc 3.8.2 is recommended. The version 3.7.3 should still be supported but not validated.

Changes since 13.3

Changes since 13.2

  • Since 13.2.13+ (revision 80e44587f07cf) :

    • mumps 5.0.2 is required.

    • parmetis 4.0.3 and ptscotch 6.0.4 can now be used to provide parallel partitioning for the parallel version, but they remain optional.

Changes since 13.1

  • Since 13.1.17+ (revision 8851c2a8f4f7) :

    • hdf5 1.8.14 and med 3.2.0 are required.
  • Since 13.1.13+ (revision aed19b8ae398) :

    mumps must be rebuild with this version of metis.

  • Since 13.1.7 (revision b1a9147a854c) :

    • petsc 3.6.3 is the recommended version.

Changes since 13.0

  • Since 13.0.6 (revision f70567458fe7) :

    • mumps 5.0.1 is required. mumps with the include files for code_aster is available from in the for_aster branch. Include files for mumps are no longer embedded in the code_aster source tree. During waf configure, LIBPATH (respectively INCLUDES) must contain the path to the lib directory (respectively include and include_seq) of the mumps installation.

    • scotch 6.0.4 is the recommended version (but not required).

Low-level prerequisites

The prerequisites for the compilation of code_aster are listed on the Prerequisites page. These elementary tools must be installed on the computer using the package manager of your distribution.

These prerequisites are :

  • gcc, g++, gfortran (or other compilers),
  • python,
  • python-dev,
  • python-numpy,
  • python-qt4,
  • tk,
  • bison,
  • flex,
  • liblapack, libblas, zlib.

The real names of the packages may vary according to the distributions.

High-level prerequisites

These products are included in the code_aster's package - called aster-full - for each stable and testing releases.

For the latest stable release (13.4), these tools are:

  • Sequential version:

    • hdf5 1.8.14,

    • med 3.2.1,

    • mfront 3.0.0,

    • mumps 5.1.1,

    • metis 5.1.0,

    • scotch 6.0.4.

  • Parallel version (MPI):

    • mumps 5.1.1 (which requires blacs/scalapack libraries and optionally parmetis/ptscotch),

    • parmetis 4.0.3,

    • petsc 3.7.3.

Other products may be provided in the aster-full packages (Gmsh, Homard, XmGrace...) but not as libraries and there should not exist any strong dependency on a specific release.