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CodeCop / Deploy


There is really no special requisite for deployment other than making sure your target machine %Temp% directory has read and write permissions to the user executing the app or if it is a web application for the Application Pool Identity.

If you can't grant write permissions on the target machine xcopy the CodeCop folder and contents located in the development machine %Temp% directory to the target machine's %Temp% directory. Please note that for non-iterative user sessions that directory is \Windows\Temp and not \Users{YourUser}\AppData\Local\Temp.

These are the contents you will find under the aforementioned folder:

  • Metadata32.dll
  • Metadata64.dll
  • Jit32.dll
  • Jit64.dll
  • EasyHook32.dll
  • EasyHook64.dll
  • x86 folder
  • x64 folder
  • cache folder
  • codecop version file (_{number}.ver)

In case you're using the JSON API don't forget to deploy your copconfig.json file to the folder where you have your app's main assembly.

That's all you need.