This is a F# reimplementation of the "Sum of Squares of Even" microbenchmark from the Clash of the Lambdas project. As a newcomer to F# and also .net ecosystem, this was written as a learning exercise to familiarize myself with F# and may not be the best implementation.

Currently I have not uploaded the whole VS Solution as I am not clear what files need to be distributed. The program itself consists of a single file "Program.fs" and depends on NuGet package FSharp.Collections.ParallelSeq.

You can download the benchmark as a self-contained ZIP file. The binaries have been tested on a Windows 8 machine using .net 4.5 and also on Linux using Mono 3.4. The project was compiled using VS 2013 Express edition. The settings used were "Release" for "Any CPU". "Prefer 32-bit" was not enabled.