Ben Bass avatar Ben Bass committed cc8f03d

fix munmap sigsegv fault when run on linux

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 superclean: clean
 	rm -f mandel_*.dat
 #include <pthread.h>
+#error "no mapped file support"
 #ifndef MAP_NOCACHE
 #define MAP_NOCACHE 0
     // floating point can exactly represent the values. Work out the
     // such a value by repeated dividing by two.
-    // TODO: this is all constant, so use a bit of TMP on it.
+    // TODO: this is all constant, so use a bit of TMP on it. Just for fun
     FLOAT step = 1.0;
     unsigned long long invstep = 1;
     for (int i=0; i<BINARY_DIGITS; i++)
             fd, 0)))
+        printf("mmap failed\n");
         return 1;
     close(fd);  // we no longer need the FD when we have the mapping
+    void* sourceBuffer = mapping;  // for unmmaping later
     brotfile_header* fheader = (brotfile_header*)(mapping);
     pinfo* fptr = (pinfo*)((char*)mapping+HEADER_LEN);
-    void* sourceBuffer = fptr;  // for unmmaping later
     printf("mapped file %d at %p %llu bytes\n", fd, fptr, mapsize);
     printf("Current MAX_ITER: %d\n", fheader->max_iter);
-// MandelMap - copyright Ben Bass 2010-2011
+// MandelMap - Ben Bass 2010-2012
 #ifndef MANDEL_MAP_H
 #define MANDEL_MAP_H
-const int HEADER_LEN=4096;
+const int HEADER_LEN=4096;  // probable page size for happiness
 struct brotfile_header
     FLOAT startx;
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