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and fix it :-)

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 	which pnmtopng > /dev/null && pnmtopng out.ppm > out_image || ppm2tiff out.ppm out_image
 out.ppm: make_ppm mandel.dat
-	./make_ppm
+	./make_ppm mandel.dat
 mandel.dat: brotmap
-	time ./brotmap
+	rm -f x.dat && time ./brotmap mandel.dat 10
 make_ppm: brotmap.h
 	g++ -o make_ppm
-brotmap: brotmap.h
+brotmap: brotmap.h
 	g++ -Werror -O3 -o brotmap -lc -lpthread
-	rm -f brotmap make_ppm out.ppm out_image
+	rm -f brotmap mandel.dat make_ppm out.ppm out_image
 superclean: clean
-	rm -f mandel_*.dat
+	rm -f mandel*.dat
 #define MAP_NOCACHE 0
-#ifdef ftruncate64
-#define ftruncate ftruncate64
+#ifndef ftruncate64
+#define ftruncate64 ftruncate
+#ifndef mmap64
+#define mmap64 mmap
 long inside_points = 0;
 int BINARY_DIGITS = 10;
-pinfo* FPTR_START;
 int main(int argc, char* argv[])
         printf("DATA_FILENAME could not be opened\n");
         return 1;
-    if (ftruncate(fd, mapsize) != 0) {
+    if (ftruncate64(fd, mapsize) != 0) {
         printf("ftruncate failed\n");
         return 1;
     // we will use mmap to write to the data file. It makes things wonderful.
     void* mapping;
-    if (NULL == (mapping = mmap(0, mapsize,
+    if (NULL == (mapping = mmap64(0, mapsize,
             fd, 0)))
 #include <stddef.h>
 #include <pthread.h>
-extern int MIN_X, MIN_Y, MAX_X, MAX_Y;
-extern float STEP_SIZE;
-extern pinfo* FPTR_START;
-extern unsigned long inside_points;
+extern long inside_points;
+pinfo* FPTR_START;
 pthread_mutex_t acc_lock;
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