brotmap / brotmap.h

// MandelMap - Ben Bass 2010-2012

#ifndef MANDEL_MAP_H
#define MANDEL_MAP_H


typedef double FLOAT;

const int NUM_THREADS = 2;
const int MAX_ITER=1024;

struct pinfo
    FLOAT x;
    union {
      FLOAT y;
      long itercount;

const int HEADER_LEN=4096;  // probable page size for happiness
struct brotfile_header
    FLOAT startx;
    FLOAT starty;
    int binary_digits;
    int max_iter;

long mpoint(FLOAT r,
            FLOAT i,
            pinfo* p,
            int old_max_iter=0);
void* worker_start(void* arg);
void worker_run(pinfo* fptr, const FLOAT step);

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