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 In addition, if a line is entered incorrectly then it can be replaced by
 prefixing the next entry with the '^' character, e.g.
     2013/03/18 20:11 >> this is a
     2013/03/18 20:11 >> ^this is a test
+will result in just a single line 'this is a test' being stored. Note that
+this functionality needs to edit the current file, so for safety a backup
+file is used to perform this operation, which will have the same name as the
+file being edited with a suffix of '~' - the same format ``emacs`` uses.
 Storing assets
 Importing a file
     $ blog a-wonderful-blog-post -i ~/photo1.jpg
     $ blog a-wonderful-blog-post -i ~/photo2.jpg
 Exporting bundles
     $ blog a-wonderful-blog-post -x ~/blog-post.tar