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                 # execute and display, store command and result
                 COMMAND=$(echo $track_input | cut -c3-)
+            elif [[ $track_input =~ ^\^ ]] ; then
+                # replace previous line with content following initial '^'
+                sed -i '$d' ${TARGET_PATH}  # TODO: check BSD/Mac compatibility
+                # remove initial '^'
+                track_input=$(echo "$track_input" | cut -c 2-)
             # use -- to indicate end to options e.g. if track_input
             # starts with '->' which previously caused errors
 exclamation mark simply runs the command; double '!!command' inserts the result
 into the target file.
+In addition, if a line is entered incorrectly then it can be replaced by
+prefixing the next entry with the '^' character, e.g.
+    2013/03/18 20:11 >> this is a
+    2013/03/18 20:11 >> ^this is a test
 Storing assets
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