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v0.4 - some actual error checking, fix issue on linux

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+This package is the result of various bits of work using FTDI's
+devices, primarily for controlling external devices.  Some of this
+is documented on the codedstructure blog,
 At least two other open-source Python FTDI wrappers exist, and each
 of these may be best for some projects.
  * Add more examples: SPI devices, knight-rider effects, input devices...
  * Further support for serial usage (as opposed to BitBang)
+ * Perhaps add support for D2XX driver, though the name then becomes a
+   slight liability ;)
+ * fixed embarrassing bug which caused things not to work on Linux 
+   (is now find_library('ftdi') instead of find_library('libftdi'))
+ * lots of error checking, new FtdiError exception. Before it just
+   tended to segfault if things weren't just-so.
+ * get_error() is now get_error_string().  It's still early enough
+   to change the API, and if I thought it was get_error_string
+   multiple times when I wrote the error checking code, it probably
+   should be the more natural thing.
  * added some examples
  * new Bus class in pylibftdi (though it probably belongs somewhere else)
-    version="0.3",
+    version="0.4",
     description="Pythonic interface to FTDI devices using libftdi",
     author="Ben Bass",